WordPress has a huge amount of plugins for its sites. Here are the 5 WordPress Plugins suggested by the IT Advice Website Development Team that you should install on your WordPress Website. It is true that, when you create your site in WordPress, there are certain essentials that you do not necessarily think of from the start. The ones we’re going to see, throughout this article, will help you in different categories, from security to backup, SEO optimization, or image compression. But first of all, let’s go back to the principle of the plugin.

What is a WordPress plugin?

A plugin is simply an extension of what WordPress offers in its basic configuration. It allows you to add various and varied functionalities to improve your site on all points. We can improve the design, security, or optimization to name a few.

Here are the 3 Types of Plugins:

To choose a plugin, we recommend that you check several points:

How were the Plugins chosen?

It’s very simple, we have chosen several categories, which we think are essential for any site, and we have selected the one that we install for sure.

This is how we are going to search in the following categories:

The 5 WordPress plugins selected by IT Advice

For the choice in our 5 categories, we have chosen Freemium plugins.

Secupress WordPress Plugin

Secupress WordPress Plugin

Security is one of the areas that we cannot do without on the internet. I chose Secupress. Even in its free version, this extension dedicated to site protection is really very powerful and complete. To start, it offers you a scan of your site to check the status of your protection. After giving you a grade, which goes from A to F, he recommends improvements to be made. They are divided into several modules, each with a specific purpose. Of course, the basic version is limited, but already quite effective.

Here are some examples of what can be done:

The premium version at $70.83 / year per site allows you to add a virus scanner, alerts, task scheduling, and a data backup system. Download Secupress

UpdraftPlus WordPress Plugin

Updraft Plugins

And precisely, if you do not want to pay, you can go through the UpdraftPlus extension. It allows you to save your site in the blink of an eye. Backups are compressed into archives, which are divided into several categories:

Basically, the plugin is programmed to save directly to the server, something I absolutely do not recommend. If ever there is a problem with it, all is lost. I advise you to go to settings and make backups on a Cloud, like Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also schedule backups and choose how many to keep. I recommend a minimum of 2 backups per month and have 2 in advance. Download UpdraftPlus

Imagify WordPress Plugin


To facilitate the loading time of your site and improve its performance, you need to compress the images. They make, on average, 60% of the weight of a site. For that, there are image compression sites like TinyPng. It allows, in its free version, to compress up to 20 images of less than 5MB at the same time.

And for WordPress, there is the Imagify plugin. In the free version, you can compress up to 25MB of images per month. But it goes even further, you can choose the optimization level is on 3 levels:

You can also ask the extension to change the format of the images, passing them in WebP.

It is a format specially created by Google for the general public which further improves the performance of the image and therefore the loading time of the site. Download Imagify

GDPR Cookie Consent WordPress Plugin

Cookies Plugin

If you do not know what a cookie is, we recommend that you read our article which explains what computer cookies are.

After that, you will be able to install the GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin in order to set up an acceptance of cookies on your WordPress site.

This tool will allow you to put the famous banner at the top or bottom of your site so that users can choose whether or not they want the use of cookies on your site.

Generally speaking, it will be pre-programmed in English. You must therefore go to the settings to change the text. If you have a showcase site, here is the minimum configuration we recommend:

With that, you are good for the GDPR.

If you want to go further, the paid version automatically identifies the cookies in place on your site and gives visitors the option of sorting among those they accept or not. Download GDPR Cookie Consent

Rank Math WordPress Plugin
Rank Math SEO Plugin

We have already mentioned it in the past in a comparison between 3 SEO plugins, Rank Math is still a new kid, but which has managed to make its way. A year after its creation, it only had 20,000 active installations, while a year later, it has multiplied its number of users by 10.

This tool helps you improve your SEO. I said he helps you, he doesn’t work miracles. Far too many people think that by installing a specialized extension for SEO referencing, such as Rank Math or Yoast, they will be able to climb directly to the top positions of Google. But no, this is only a guide, which should not be followed to the letter.

As Yoast SEO does, Rank Math will provide information related to the content of the pages and articles of the site. But be careful not to try to follow 100% what he says, to avoid over-optimization, which will clearly spoil your SEO.

You can also edit the Title and Meta description tags, which are the titles and descriptions that appear in search results.

This is also where you can define whether or not you want to index a page. Not all pages are good for indexing. You can set the page or post type to help Google better understand whether it’s a blog post, a recipe, a product for sale, or a service.

But where Rank Math goes further is that you will be able to make lots of adjustments to yours. In particular, you will be able to:


The list could be longer, but starting with these tools already seems like a good start. When you create your site in WordPress, you have to know what you are going to need, but also what allows visitors to stay longer.

Thinking of just 5 extensions is not easy when you use a lot of them and for different reasons. But we’re not going to leave you like this anyway. So here is a small list of plugins that you might also need:

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