Website creation , redesign or optimization

The creations and redesigns of websites that we offer are the result of the work of our experts, all internal to the agency. With extensive work on ergonomics , design (UX / UI) , referencing (SEO), full control and security of web technologies and hosting, we put at your service all the conditions to create a website in accord with your needs and the goals of your business.

Which website do you need?


The website has become essential for a business. The concept of a website is, however, very general! A website can take many forms and offer more or less advanced features. Our web agency creates tailor-made sites according to your needs. Here are the main categories of sites that we offer. Whatever the case, we are here to advise you and discuss your project!


The constant evolution of technologies and graphic approaches is leading companies to rethink their presence on the internet. Does the site just need a visual overhaul? Or should the work be more structural by optimizing the tree structure and the features offered?

iTadvice is a web agency specializing in redesigning websites. We support our clients from one end of the project to the other: on the definition of the need, the layout, the graphic integration, the development, the addition of the contents, and the work of natural referencing.

We create websites for sports , real estate groups , scientists or associations ... our web agency adapts to all fields of activity.


Today at Youdemus, all sites are developed in "responsive design". This is to adapt the display of your site automatically to the screen size of the device used (smartphone, tablet or computer). 

On average, more than 30% of website visits come from mobile devices (tablets and smartphones). 4 out of 10 users exclusively use mobile devices to surf the Internet! 

On the other hand, Google promotes the natural referencing of sites optimized for mobile in search engine results.

Why choose IT-Advice to create or redesign your site?

A project ?

Defining your functional needs properly and surrounding yourself with a partner who knows how to interpret and translate them into technical terms is essential!