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IT Advice web agency specializes in the WordPress solution. WordPress is the benchmark open-source CMS it supports more than 30% of websites put online in the world. This solution is perfectly suited to showcase sites and online media sites. For a company, having a WordPress website has become a strategic communication axis because it facilitates lead generation… provided it is optimized with expertise! This is why our development experts design a tailor-made site and adapt the graphic themes and functionalities offered by the CMS so that your site benefits from the maximum in SEO as soon as it goes online.

WordPress: The most used CMS in the world

Whether located in Lahore or in the regions, most web agencies offer the creation of WordPress websites in their service offer. It must be said that this content management solution (CMS) has become the standard for digital projects! Efficient, open-source, intuitive and scalable, the WordPress solution is active through millions of websites, in all fields (businesses, businesses, individuals, blogs).

The advantages of WordPress in 4 points


WordPress is a simple to use platform. Its structure allows the administrator to concentrate on the development of its content because the interface it integrates by default is very intuitive. Animating a WordPress site requires little or no prior technical knowledge. In addition, our web agency trains you to manage your site yourself.


WordPress themes are generally built for responsive design (especially paid) so that your website adapts to the screen of the device on which it is viewed. This advantage alleviates the need to create a new site strictly for mobile platforms, and makes your business and your content accessible to more people.


The coding used in WordPress is optimal so that search engines can easily read and index any piece of content you add to your site. Each page you create can be optimized to target a specific word or phrase using title tags, meta descriptions and other features clearly defined by the WordPress content management system and with the support of plugins provided for this purpose. Our WordPress web agency integrates the issue of natural referencing and reading of your website by search engines from the creation of the site.


The design of a WordPress site (the graphic theme) is fully customizable and adaptable to the unique style and essence of the client's brand. The concept of the WordPress CMS, based on the notion of installing plugins, gives it an important scalability feature. New functionalities can thus be added without the entire structure of the site being called into question. All this is reinforced by a strong community of developers who work to offer quality plugins and graphic themes (paid or free).

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