seo techniques

The different SEO techniques are numerous and it would not be enough for this article to describe them all. For this, there are many books, training sites or forums in which you can learn a little more.

What I can already tell you is that you can classify them into three different categories when you optimize your site for search engines: White Hat, Gray Hat and Black Hat.

Colors represent the degree of appreciation of search engines for the techniques you use for your SEO. The study of these three categories is quite long, but here is a summary.

different seo techniques

We just saw that when you optimize your site for search engines, you can classify them into three different categories that are White Hat, Gray Hat and Black Hat. The colors therefore represent the degree of appreciation of the search engines.

But be careful: not all are good! And some are even forbidden!


It consists of using techniques that respect the quality advice of search engines. By using them, we will not be penalized. These normal, and especially legal, techniques that help you generate more traffic are those that are most appreciated by search engines .

The different techniques of White Hat SEO being too numerous, we will not dwell on them in this article. Let’s just say that in general, these techniques are not to deceive the search engines, but rather to make every effort to facilitate the indexing of pages and the understanding of their themes and contents.

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These are the ones we are not sure of. In technical detail, we can consider a Gray Hat Seo, any deliberate action that tries to improve the positioning of a site in the search engines for certain keywords.

These techniques fall into this category because it seems that Google prefers that webmasters do not intervene to try to change the ranking of their websites by adding their links automatically, rather than create them themselves.

So submitting your site to link sharing sites can be thought of as Gray Hat Seo. Currently, no problem arises and you will not be penalized. However, it can easily be abused and Google could face it by repressing it in the future if it finds the way to do it.

Buying links is a good example of Google’s repressive behavior against Gray Hat SEO. This technique was a good way in the past. She reported to site owners and buyers.

Now that Google does not tolerate it anymore, if it suspects that you are selling links, your positioning will suffer … (and if it suspects that you buy some, these links will not be taken into account, the result is that you spend money for nothing).


Here are the Black Hat SEO … These techniques are totally against the rules of the search engines and above all, they are PROHIBITED!

For example, they aim to give a website an inappropriate ranking for certain keywords.

  • We can mention the sharing of bookmarks for a pornographic site that aims to classify the site on the keyword “Buy an LCD TV”;
  • Or, in one page, the padding of keywords hidden in the background to make them invisible to visitors, but still visible to the spiders;
  • We can also talk about networks of own sites created only to reference the main site and improve its positioning.

Finally, you should be wary of people who offer you miraculous recipes to achieve a good ranking in the search engines by trying to rank them.


If Google thinks you are using Black Hat SEO techniques, your site’s traffic is in danger. It can quickly end up in “sandbox” and believe me, it is very difficult to leave.

The best is to use only White Hat Seo or Gray Hat Seo techniques to create a solid reputation with Google and ensure success in the long run. Being ranked one or two days before being discovered and banned by Google will not get you anywhere

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