Top 5 SEO Strategies for SEO Beginner

seo strategy for beginners

Knowing SEO strategies is fundamental to positioning your site on search engines. Today more and more companies and professionals promote their business on the web and this has also become a particularly competitive terrain, which is why you must be found first. Not always, especially at the beginning of your business, you can resort to the advice of an agency or an SEO professional. In this case, however, nothing is lost, just make a commitment and optimize the site on your own, naturally acquiring the basic skills first, then learning to understand what should be monitored and what tools to use.

More and more companies are choosing to promote themselves on the web. At first suspicious, perhaps hesitant, once they became aware of the power of the tool, many companies projected their online business. This would seem to be excellent news and in a certain sense it is, but there is also another aspect that we must keep in mind: competition. In fact, competition from the physical plane has shifted to the digital one, making it difficult for many companies to enter the market. Search engine positioning, therefore, becomes fundamental, but you need to know SEO strategies to be able to do it in the best way.

seo strategy for beginnersSearch engine positioning: SEO strategies, where to start

We have clarified that in this scenario the positioning of the company on search engines is strategic in order to gain a place in the markets. But how do you position yourself? Of course, you need tools, such as the right tools, but above all you need skills.

Over time, I happened to talk to several small entrepreneurs who needed professional help, but who did not have the possibility, the budget, to invest at the time. In a country where paying taxes becomes the priority, to those who are starting to do business or to those who are trying to keep a business afloat, it can be really difficult to put aside even a small budget to invest on the web.

I want to be honest – and not to draw water to my mill – the advice of an SEO professional, at some point, becomes essential. But the good news is that you can also start on your own if you have the time and the desire to work on it a bit.

In this post I want to give you a small tool case, do you know the Lego boxes with the basic pieces? Here, consider the tips I am about to give you as the first bricks that you will need to build the basis of your positioning, to take the first steps, and not miss the opportunity to enter your market anyway.

The tips I am about to give you are nothing more than small SEO strategies with which even those who have never used Google tools and are not an SEO expert, can manage to juggle well.

1. Check the health of your site: SEO audit

If you already have a website, the first thing you need to check is what is not working as it should. If the site is not positioned well, there is certainly some error that blocks it. You must verify that there are no technical problems or errors to correct. But how? Google today provides us with a number of very useful tools.

If you have a minimum of familiarity you can use, for example, the Google search console, which allows you to check the correctness of both web pages and individual URLs, using the “View as Google” tab. However, I repeat, you must have a minimum of skills because you will have to register the website to the service with a verification system that requires the insertion of an HTML code of the site or uploading the file via FTP.

You can also use an SEO tool if they are different with a clear dashboard to interpret and that can immediately show you any errors to be corrected.

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2. Analyze your main competitors

If you don’t know who you need to measure yourself with, you can’t choose the right strategy. Before doing anything you need to know who your main competitors are. In this way you can also define your strengths and weaknesses and therefore find the best strategy, this discussion applies to all areas, including SEO.

For the analysis of competitors, you can use free tools, or take advantage of Google tools such as AdWords or Google Trends and Analytics. Even in this case, however, it is necessary to have skills. The alternative is to use a complete SEO tool that allows you to analyze the rankings of websites and have a lot of useful information such as budget invested, traffic, number of clicks. The most complete SEO tools, however, are paid, maybe opt for a basic subscription.

3. An ad hoc marketing plan

To build an SEO strategy that is truly effective you need to draw up a marketing plan, that is, an action plan that helps you visualize priorities. You must be able to follow all the steps and have everything under control in order to improve the performance of your site. There are several tools that help you keep in sight the activities to be carried out, including the monitoring of keywords, which is essential to position yourself well, even if you “do it yourself”.

4. Look for tools with functions that are suitable for what you need

The web is full of free tools, you can find something useful even among those, but if you decide to buy paid versions, make sure they have the most useful functions for you. But what can it do? Certainly, something that gives you a complete overview of your data, to quickly check the rankings, but also an alert for editing URLs, and a tool that monitors the Youtube ranking, given the increasing relevance of the videos.

Indispensable tools for monitoring the local rank, for the mobile ranking and for Google Maps, but also in all these cases you will still have to do a short study before you can use these tools with ease.

5. Increase the visibility of your company on social channels

Social media are now essential, all companies use these channels to promote themselves online. Even if you use the best SEO techniques, if you don’t go through social networks they will never be truly effective. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Linkedin, allow you to open pages of your business, and to make an effective communication plan, everything can be easily monitored with the tools made available by the social networks themselves.

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