Maximize your efficiency in Digital Marketing

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Maximize your efficiency in digital marketing

With so many platforms and channels to feed, the marketer’s primary goal today must be efficiency.

But reaching your full potential under pressure is easier said than done.

Budgets are tight and expectations are high. Companies have less leeway to experiment than big players, so we need to present quick and quantifiable results. It is astounding to see that 40% of marketers have difficulty to produce a ROI ( return on investment or ROI ) for their efforts.

marketers difficulty

40% Marketers have difficulty

The good news? Measuring this ROI is becoming easier for small businesses. By focusing on efficiency and using the right tools, discovering and following new leads leads, traffic and income should no longer be a game of chance.

All of this begins with a process to define what positive results will be and to identify the most effective avenues for achieving these results.

For business owners, this means making sure that at each point of marketing contact in the customer journey, the message and the published content is the most relevant. So you’ll know you’re getting the most out of your digital marketing investment. Instead of blindly spending time and money on what “should” work, your teams need to look internally to see how they can deliver more value.

Plan before you jump

Before spending a penny or diving into any marketing program, you must have a plan.

And remember, there is a huge difference between imagining a vague or inaccessible marketing plan that you will never be able to execute and setting your SMART goals .

Unclear goals like “increasing your audience” or “creating engagement” may sound good, but what do they really mean?

For example, there is a huge difference between “sending emails” and “sending 25 cold emails a day to a list of targeted prospects, to increase our customer base by 10% by the end of the quarter.”

Whether you’re talking about increasing your revenue, driving traffic or anything between, your team needs to have specific goals in mind. In short, something you can measure. When you have an indicator to follow (think of dollar signs, funnel volume, or percentages), it is much easier to evaluate how you are doing and correct the course.

Similarly, roles must be assigned for your team to be responsible when it’s time to roll out a campaign.

Who oversees the campaign? Who will follow the measurements? How long will the project last? Which external actors and platforms should be involved?

When these points are set, you are able to work towards an ultimate goal instead of pedaling in semolina in pursuit of “results”.

Automate your repetitive tasks

There is a reason why both large and small businesses invest in automation like never before.

For starters, companies that automate their marketing tasks grow 1.6% faster than companies that rely solely on human resources. The possibility of even putting some of your autopilot marketing activities would be an important step forward in our time when lack of time is the main burden in our teams.

Also, these tasks can become tedious. Creating a publication after another, email after email or report after report is a sure way to burn even the best marketing specialists over time.

Not only does automation keep your team engaged, it also helps your team members respect their strengths. Let your star blogger focus on writing rather than statistics. Let your salesperson worry about signing leads instead of trying to find them on social media.

With the right automation platforms in place, you can remove non-essential tasks from your everyday life and get down to business.

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