How to optimize a web page?

how to optimize website

This is the simplest SEO task, it consists of optimizing the content of our site in order to be ranked well in the search engine results pages. We will start by ensuring that the content contains a keyword density of around 5-6%.

If the density is important, don’t forget that the determining factor in order to have a site receiving a lot of quality visits is to offer quality content. It is obvious that between writing a text with the adequate density and an article interesting for the reader, there is a margin.

The use of HTML tags to optimize a website

When the keyword density is adequate, the next step is to use the HTML tags that the search engines take into account in order to assess the relevance of a site.

Why meta tags are important in optimizing a website?

A web page is divided into 2 sections: the head section, containing data mostly invisible to the site visitor, as well as the body section, which contains the visible part of the web page.

It is important to correctly fill in the site title and description tags, which appear in the head section. We still see many sites display in their title tag a message like “Welcome to our website”. Big mistake! You must absolutely include in this tag the keywords of the page in question: it must be different each time. If we take the example of dog training in Béziers, we will have something like “Dog training Béziers – a well-trained dog with Dressachiens”.

Try to repeat the keywords as much as possible, but without exaggerating, otherwise, you risk being penalized. The “description” tag should give a brief idea of ​​what the page contains. For example “Specialist in dog training in Béziers, Dressachiens has 6 years of experience in training dogs of all breeds”.

HTML tags to optimize a website

Several types of tags play a role in indexing your pages. The tags for structuring a web page (H1, H2,… up to H6, UL, LI, STRONG, A, etc.) are very important: always use them. Not only will your layout be clearer, but it will also be better indexed. Obviously, the keywords must appear in these tags significantly, but without exaggerating.

Adding a photo is always a plus for the presentation, but also improves your ranking by presenting the keywords in the image ALT.

Finally, care should be taken to use bold, italic, or underlined characters to highlight the keywords.

When you optimize your content with SEO techniques, make it look natural. A site whose optimization has been made to the detriment of the content will not work, no need to bring visitors if they leave the site from the page through which they accessed the site (bounce rate).

Name your pages descriptively. For example, tariff-training-dogs-Beziers.html instead of 05.html, as it still happens. This allows you to get a little bonus in indexing the page, but above all to convince the reader that the content of the page is well in line with the search.