How to achieve a successful Digital Advertising to gain better visibility?

The tools of digital advertising are experiencing exponential changes constantly, some principles of success remain more or less stable. “Ryan Holmes”, CEO of Hoot-suite, has already discussed practices on social media for the development of the company’s business. In what follows, a synthesis of his speech.

Choose the best publications in Digital Advertising

Among the publications that are usually published, there are absolutely some that interest subscribers, others leave indifferent and this is reflected on the level of interaction whether likes, shares, comments or just clicks. We must therefore identify those most relevant to serve as sources of sponsored campaigns.

Importance of a good targeting in Digital Advertising

Social media provides more advanced targeting opportunities than ever before. The advertiser can set his target according to different filters, so think about using it to make his advertising strategy more effective.

Editing ads in Digital Advertising

Repetition marketing seems to be an annoying task at times, but it’s still a way to articulate your advertising message. The advertiser must think of renewing his advertising message every 3 to 5 days without harassing his interlocutor.

Pre-test ads on a limited sample in Digital Advertising

Testing the text and images of its ads on a small sample of Internet users is a social media advertising issue, which offers the opportunity to measure its effectiveness on the fly with social media reports. advanced analyzes. It is best to test different ads with a small group of users and compare the reactions.

Impression vs interaction in Digital Advertising

If you pay a social network for every time a sponsored ad is viewed (print), the message can spread to a large audience. Whereas if you pay for each interaction, it means that the main objective is to reach people interested in getting in touch with the company.

Reversibility of ads in Digital Advertising

According to several studies, 80% of people connect from their smartphones, so we must design adequate advertising messages to small screens.A format suitable for all types of digital media is well desired.